Frequently Asked Questions

What is POD publishing?

POD or print-on-demand publishing is a digital form of book publishing and distribution. Traditional or offset printing uses plates to print books. This is costly so publishers need to print thousands of books per run to make it cost effective. This leads to huge overhead and risk.

Print-on-demand uses digital files and the printer can print as little as one copy at a time. The price point is higher so the potential profit is smaller, but you reduce all the overhead and risk. Print on demand quality is very good and there are many printing size and style options.

How long until my book is available to buy?

Once you submit your book, our goal is to approve it in 48 hours. Formatting can take 1-2 weeks depending on the book type. It takes a week to print and ship your proof copy for you to approve. After you approve the proof your book will show up on amazon, barnes and, and other sites within a few weeks. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for these sites to actually stock your book so your book may say “out of stock” or “X amount of weeks to process” until then. So you can expect anywhere from 6-10 weeks from submission to fully distributed book. This is just an estimate. Times can be more or less depending on circumstances.

Are all books accepted?

All books that meet our criteria are accepted. Our criteria is:

  1. Books must be appropriate for most audiences (think PG-13). No graphic violence, graphic sexual content or graphic language.
  2. Books should be fairly well edited unless you are also purchasing professional editing.
  3. Books have to be in a file type that we can format. Most file types work fine and we will contact you if your file has an issue.
What are some book sizing options?

There are a ton of book sizing options! Please click here for a printable document of sizing options.

Can I have a hardcover / softcover or both?

Yes and yes! With your purchase you will have the option of EITHER a hardcover or softcover. We would be more than happy to create both types for you. Please call or email us about this option.

What are the specifications for my file upload?

If you have a lot of files (multiple images and text) you can compress them into a .zip file so you don’t have to upload each one individually.


Most word processing formats (doc, docx, txt, pages) accepted


Most image formats (jpg, png, tif, psd…) accepted
The higher the resolution the better the quality
(300 dpi at print size is optimal)


Full book


*please note that formatting 20 images is included in the package.
*contact us for an add-on price estimate for additional images

How do you set a book price?

We like to make our books competitively priced, but you still need some compensation for your hard work. This is where the publisher/author relationship with BlueFox Press is different. We will give you a minimum price as well as compensation rates for different price points, and together we can decide on the best price for your book!

How much will I make per book?

Well, that depends on the price point you choose. Minimum will be around $0.50 to $1.00 and max is whatever you think you can sell your book for!

What if a publishing company wants to buy my book?

Some popular self/small publisher books get picked up by major publishers. Our goal at BlueFox Press is to help you succeed as an author. All our contracts are non-exclusive which means you can sell, switch or stop anytime you like.

How do I get paid?

We payout royalties on a semi-annual basis. This is done through direct deposit or good old fashioned check. Call or email us to discuss options if you want be paid more often than semi-annually.